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Fabulous Flowers – CARNIVOROUS POPPY

Today I have been testing out the fabulous Black Widow Pencils I bought from Amazon, there have been rave reveiws for these and they came today and I LOVE them.
I had to try them out on the FABULOUS FLOWERS Collection from Dolly Dimples and here is my creation, a clean and simple card for any occasion.

Ive used –

You can find the stamp by going HERE

Highly scented and prized by Perfume Makers. Changes colour as it feeds. Whole plant is covered in round pollen to attract small insects which it poisens and ingests through its leaves and petals. Plant seeds all year round as it flowers all through the year. It flowers during the day and night. The flowers last a long time and only die off when a new one grows. A solitary flower that does not mix well with other flowers in the garden. It is best for Patio Tubs or separate borders away from others.  Take care to wear gloves when harvesting seed as it does not like to be touched and may bite.  For this reason it is good to plant near a garden gate to keep away unwanted visitors and intruders. Likes to be planted in full sun and needs plenty of water.

Magical Uses:

Make into pouches and hang on the front door to ward of negativity and hexes.
(Description quoted from Dolly Dimples Shop)

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