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Image by ColornChics

Hi there, Aly here! Just bobbin on to introduce my new webpage Colouring with Aly to create a seperate blog for just my colouring, so I can dedicate my colouring posts alone to the colouring sector without my other crafting in the mix. I started colouring about a year ago, but recently have been concentrating on it more and getting involved within the HUGE colourist community and I am just trying to make my way through. I’m meeting lots of new people and joining new groups and learning every single day how to hone my colouring skills. I am by no means a professional colourist like some of the more seasoned ones out there but I do ok and I have had lots of requests to show my colouring hints and tips which is very lovely and humbling when I am up alongside some SUPERB colourists and designers.

I started more so to slow myself down, I was always wanting to produce a piece of art work quickly, but they did not always satisfy, however when I have taken 3 or 4 days to colour an image it is so much more satisfying, I can then mount and frame these as gifts as well, as I have done recently. I also had an offer from someone to buy an image I had coloured so they could frame and send as a gift. There is no greater joy and satisfaction than that!

I would love you to follow me on my journey, I will be blogging my projects and videos with you and hope you enjoy them and I hope I can inspire you to get colouring.

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